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Our focus is on motorcycles, motorcycle photography, and motorcycle travel stories.  I travel all over the world with a camera, and I have a great collection of moto photos.  Just about everything on here is for sale...and if you need something you don't see, give us a call and I can probably get it for you.  If you want to drop me a line just to say hi, shoot me a note via e-mail.

My name's Joe, I'm an engineer, and I guess I'm what you might call a serious rider.  I've ridden my motorcycles in a lot of places, and I've been doing this for a long time.  My favorite riding is in Mexico's Baja peninsula, and my favorite motorcycles are my KLR-650 Kawasaki and my California Scooter.  I've ridden both bikes all over, and just to be able to say I did so, I rode my little 150cc California Scooter all the way down to Cabo San Lucas and back.  I write a bit (including work that's appeared in Motorcycle Classics, Rider, RoadBike, Easy Riders, and Iron Horse magazines, and more than a few books).  But that's not what this site is all about.   It's about the motorcycles, the travel, and the photography.

Enough talk...let's get to the good stuff!

Motofoto Videos (ah, these are fun....we'll change and update them regularly based on what's new and what's fun!)  I filmed this one using my Flip video and an improvised helmet cam mount while riding my 150cc California Scooter!

Here's another very cool one...the 2012 In-N-Out California Scooter Bobber bike on it's shakedown run...

Here's a recent street scene in Bangkok (hey, we get around)...grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and watch this!  The Thais use scooters as taxis...this is cool stuff!

The new CSC RX-3 Cyclone...this 250cc adventure bike is perfect for Baja!

A California Scooter CSC 150.   I rode this bike to Cabo and back!

A cool shot from Bangkok...

Wanna see more?  Hey, no problemo...just click on the photo above or right here!

The adventure of a lifetime!

My buddy Simon Gandolfi on a CSC motorcycle somewhere deep in Baja!

Yep, California Scooters Conquer Baja....

Imagine the adventure of a lifetime...running Baja's entire length on 150cc California Scooters!  

And doing it with an incredible crew, including J. Brandon, Arlene Battishill, John Welker, and world-renowned international motorcycle traveler Simon Gandolfi (that's Simon in the photo to the left).

This was an incredible trip designed to wring out Steve Seidner's resurrection of the venerable Mustang motorcycle.  

"Take these bikes down there and try to break them," Steve said.  

We tried.  

The bikes just kept on running!

Police Motors!

A couple of genuine motor officer heroes...check out this page to learn the story about how these two fellows saved hundreds of lives in 1928!

May June MCC

Check out our published work on Newcomb's Ranch, the Rock Store, the Griffith Park Sidecar Rally, Death Valley, South Dakota's Black Hills, Baja, Joshua Tree National Park, the Marcus Dairy, Buchanan's Spoke and Rim, and other cool moto events and destinations in Motorcycle Classics magazine.  Motorcycle Classics is a wonderful magazine with superior photography and great can subscribe to it here!  We also have a story in the January 2010 issue of Rider magazine (another outstanding motorcycle magazine) on police motorcycles, and it's great.

Check out this very cool California Scooter Company Classic customized for the 23rd Annual In-N-Out Charity Auction.   In-N-Out and California Scooter are two first-class organizations.  You can read about the story behind this magnificent motorcycle on the blog I write for the California Scooter Company.  These are awesome motorcycles...the latest market niche being developed by a front-running, trend-setting organization.   Yep, I ride can read about it on my blog, and you can see more photos of these great machines (and the story behind them) on the Motofoto California Scooter page


We love motorcycling in Mexico, especially Baja.  Check out a few of my favorite trips...
Baja 2009, a quick blitz down to Guerrero Negro to explore ancient missions and other sights well off the beaten path.  It was great; a real Indiana Jones trip.  We did this trip on Kawasaki KLR-650s - one of the world's great motorcycles! Baja 2008, a quick 1700-mile buzz down the Sea of Cortez coast on two fast Triumphs.  The desert was in full bloom after heavy rains...great riding, great scenery, the whales...Baja offers some of the best motorcycling in the world.   Wow, another 2008 trip to Baja...this time racing down to and then being chased back up the peninsula by Hurricane Norbert!  That's the Las Tres Virgenes volcano in the background, with Norbert's clouds looming ominously overhead. We uploaded images from the 1997 Mexico moto adventure.  What a trip that one was!  The photo you see here is of a Huichol Indian woman, a direct descendant of the Aztecs!  We grabbed this photo in Guadalajara, a great city.
The above are my favorites, but all of the Mexico trips were are a few more:
  • Baja 2007...a road trip on a Triumph in 2007.  This page has some great whale photos!
  • San Felipe, a 2006 weekend trip on the KLR 650 Kawasaki through northern Baja.
  • Bahia de Los Angeles 2006, a ride on the Tiger to visit a beautiful bay on the Sea of Cortez. 
  • San Felipe's 80th Anniversary 2005. Another Harley ride, before it gave up the ghost for good.
  • San Felipe 2004, a quick weekend sprint on a couple of red-hot sports bikes.
  • Baja 2004, a quick 1550-mile motorcycle trip to Mulege and back on the Suzuki TL1000S.
  • Baja 2003, another whale watching trip with my daughter and three of her friends on spring break.
  • Baja 2000, a trip to see the whales with the girls and a couple of friends.
  • Baja 1994, my first foray into Baja, and a tribute to Dick Scott.
More good stuff...check out our stories in Motorcycle Classics magazine!
Take a look at our police and military motorcycle photographs, including this 1936 shot of a State Trooper in Keyport, New Jersey.  We have great shots of vintage military and police motorcycles, as well as modern high performance law enforcement motors.  
Wow, look at this!

This is Guayasense, Lord of the Transit Commission of Guayas Province in Ecuador in the 1930s, on his Harley police motorcycle.   This vintage photo and many others came to us courtesy of Capitano Jose Paredes Desiderio, who heads Ecuador's Presidential Motorcycle Escort.  Check out the great photos Captain Paredes sent to us!

Whoa, is this ever a cool story!  How about a new motorcycle company here in America that uses nostalgia, high quality, and incredible styling on a new line of Scooters that sell for just $4995?  You have to check out our California Scooter Company page, and then visit the official California Scooter Company website!

So, when did it start for you?  My fascination with Triumph Motorcycles goes back nearly 50 years.  We have many great Triumph shots on this page!

Every November the Southern California Norton Club holds its rally at Hansen Dam (near Los Angeles).   They say it's the best rally by a dam site! 

This is a great event showcasing an incredible collection and display of vintage motorcycles, and nearly all of them are still being ridden.  Check out our photos of these impressive machines!

One of our favorite the Annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas.  Four days of hard riding to see something unlike anything I'd ever encountered!

That's a close up photo of a Western Diamondback rattler, one of many we grabbed on this trip.

Feel like going for a motorcycle ride?  How about the Southern California Motorcycle Club's 5,000-mile Three Flags Classic?  This is one of the best motorcycle runs in the world, spanning (as the name implies) three countries:  Mexico, Canada, and the United States.  Check out our photos from this awesome adventure! 

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Check out our published work below.  Click on the pictures to learn more about each book...

The California Scooter Company - the Mustang mystique in a modern motorcycle.  These things rock!   How exciting are these bikes?   Imagine a kid in a candy store with a credit card...and take a look at this video!

Heading into Mexico?  BajaBound offers great deals on motorcycle insurance.  It's the only one we use!

See anything you want to purchase?  Send an email to us mentioning the photo and the page it's on, and we'll get right back to you! 

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